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I should update on here. Or something.

So much has changed since the last entry however, lol! Well, I should uh.

Yeah there's no update, wayyyyy too much to overhaul and remember so, hiya.
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Well, awesome! That worked the first time and as thus, I'll probably do it again.

Life's going to pick up some time soon.

Currently I'm trying to assist my friend who has delusions about my intelligence that's quickly being shattered once I'm put to the test. that is to say about computer stuff which I know enough to get by, just enough. Somehow this equates to me suddenly partially running a business alongside him. I've been hired without knowing it.

That isn't to say I'm getting a wage unless something's sold so... yeah, better than doing nothing. In addition I'm doing some dog sitting jobs for one of the docs my mom knows and one of her coworkers. Hopefully with these combined with school I'll be alright in terms of study. Three part time jobs and part time school, I reckon my social life is going to plummet. (what social life, lol)

I miss some things about Japan but not all. I see a lot of things falling apart around me, it's really not very encouraging.

All I can do is look after me and my own. Best I get used to being this busy.
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I've not really paid much attention to the followers I've gained over the years and I realized many of them either... lost contact with me or haven't updated in over a year.

I'm doing a friend's cut because yeah, my life sounds like it's interesting but it really isn't and I shouldn't spam random people I don't remember or who aren't here to listen anymore.

Anyway, if you were defriended it's nothing personal against you. Sometimes I may have even just forgotten the name. You can let me know here and I'll re-add you but no hard feelings are meant by this. I'm human, so I make mistakes! Let me know if you wanna be part of my uber-exclusive fanclub.

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